Who We Are

Roger Greene
Roger Greene is a software engineer and production management expert. Having started and run a successful accounting business for many years, Roger saw opportunity to begin programming accounting systems for the businesses he was serving. It was with that inspiration that he launched Telios in 1977. A lifelong learner, Roger is an avid reader and is always seeking to improve business systems. He lives in Happy Valley, Oregon, with his wife, Kathy.
Tim Hare
Tim Hare has been a software engineer and trainer with Telios for 26 years. For six years prior to Telios, Tim designed CAD/CAM systems for General Electric. He is a Xojo programming language specialist and has helped numerous other programmers sharpen their skills. When Tim isn’t working with clients and building systems, he enjoys fly fishing on beautiful Oregon rivers. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, Lynn, of 35 years.
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Ben Hare
Software Engineer/Web Developer
Ben Hare joined Telios in 2014 after working with the company since 2012. Ben has a background in web development, and has a wide variety of programming languages under his belt. When not working, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and children (human and feline), acting in local theatre productions, and solving puzzles.
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