Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Telios help my business?

    We’ll save you time and money. Many clients reported saving at least ten hours a week and seeing sales double or triple.
  • Can I access data when I’m not in the office?

    Yes. You can access data from anywhere there’s Internet.
  • Can I use Telios software for multiple warehouses or sites?

    Yes. The integrated software talks to every site. The software provides views of operations, customer and vendor accounts, and reports for as many sites as you need.
  • My company is located in several cities. Can managers in each city view each other’s data?

    Yes. And you can control what information is available to each user.
  • How is your Customer Service follow-up?

    We respond to our clients quickly to address any needs that come up, from answering software operation questions to designing entirely new features. That’s how we’ve earned long-term relationships with businesses like yours.
  • Does Telios software work with QuickBooks?

    Telios replaces QuickBooks with a more powerful and user-friendly system.
  • What’s the cost?

    There are several factors considered. Are you a multiple warehouse operations buyer, departmental buyer, or small business buyer? How many users will be on the system at once? How many modules will you need? When our consultants meet with you, we’ll learn your specific needs and provide a quote.
  • Are there maintenance contracts available?

    Yes. We recommend but don’t require monthly maintenance contracts. We will be happy to tailor a cost-effective maintenance plan to your specific needs.
  • Do you provide Point of Sale systems?

    Not at this time. Telios Systems primarily serves Business-to-Business companies.
  • How do I get started?

    Contact us for a free consultation.