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We believe software should be...


We take a hands-on approach to software, working directly with you and keeping you involved in every step of the development process.


We realize that every business is different.  We work with you to craft a solution for you and the way you do business.


Good solutions don't have to break the bank.  We strive to offer fair, value-driven prices.


What are our clients are saying about us?

Tom Schrader, Interconnect Sales
We’ve quadrupled our business without adding additional employees!
Cory Bentley, Pacific Putty

It used to take all day to get invoices out. Now it takes 15 minutes. Telios made us a lot more efficient.

Maureen Thomas, Mar-Dustrial Sales

Telios provides 110% customer service all the time – it’s the best I’ve ever had.


Here are just a few of the services we offer.

Timecard Capture

Remote timecard entry from the field.  Capture time for payroll and project management.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of items that are on premises for processing.  Record receipt, status, and return to customer.

Client Portal

Facilitate client communication with a list of tasks and message of the day.

Wholesale Distribution

Take control of your inventory.  Manage your purchasing and sales.  The complete solution for your warehouse.


Keep accurate records of your accounts receivable, statements, and invoices.  Easily manage your bills and generate complete financial statements.


Bring your payroll in-house with our flexible, easy-to-use payroll software.  Gain complete control and lose those monthly fees.

Medical Billing

Easily generate claim forms.  Track primary and secondary insurance, payments, and patient responsibility.

Optimizing every area of your business!

We've been serving businesses in the Portland Metro area for over 40 years. We invite you to join the family!


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