Print — Column Headings


To override the default value of the column heading, use the reserved word label with the desired caption:


  • name = Customer Name
  • no = Number
  • date = Ship Date
  • amount = Total Amount

Now the report has the new column captions:


Quiz supports up to two rows of column headers. The first row uses label (as above). The second row uses the reserved word label2.

We might want to leave the Customer name as label, but use two rows for the other columns:


Like this:


The final option for column headings is to span the top row across several columns. Instead of “Ship” on the first line of the last three columns, we want to enclose the three columns with one header. “Shipments”

To do this we add begin to the label word followed by the caption “Shipments”. Then on the last column that we want to include, enter label end (no caption):


  • Customer name is on the second row this time (label2).
  • the column has label begin with the top caption “Shipments” and its second row label2 caption “Number”.
  • amount is the last column included under “Shipments”. It has label end to set the span of label and a label2 “Total Amount”.

The result:


The spanned caption will center between the beginning of the first column and the end of the last column.


   Page 1 — column headings
   Page 2 — default column headings
   Page 3 — column labels