Print — Header

Here is an example of a simple report without a header:


This report prints a customer name, then shipment number, shipment date and shipment amount for each customer. The sort order is set to customer name then shipments by date.

The norepeat word on the customer name prevents the customer name from printing on every line (since every shipment document has a customer). The skip word puts a blank line between customers.

This is what we have:


We could reduce the size of the customer name column, but it takes quite a bit of space on the report.

To take customer name out of the columns, we add one word, header to the line:


voila. lots more space available:


The customer name is no longer a column, it is a header.

There are a number of modifiers we can add to the header to spiff it up:


  • font — any font available on your PC.
  • color — the argument is the color (must be in the Quiz dictionary).
  • underline — underline the name

Here is the result:


We could also use:

  • bold or italic
  • repeat on page — repeats the header if there are more records on the next page.
  • page “2” — starts a new page if there are less than 2 lines left on the current page.

The header can also be used with break where columns with total form a sub-total:


With the break nocaption we added total to the amount column and commented out the summarize column:



   Page 1 — header
   Page 2 — no header
   Page 3 — multiple headers
   Page 4 — headers as sub-columns

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