Telios Menu

Window Options

0005 RAG 7-19-2012

  • List All – Opens a window listing all the active Telios windows (CTRL + ALT + L):

0011 RAG 7-18-2012

  • Next – Switches display to the next visible Telios window (CTRL + ALT + I)
  • Previous – Switches display to the last visible Telios window (CTRL + ALT + O)
  • Window Size – Sets the display size of all programs. This is used to adjust for the pixel density settings of the monitor. The options will display on a submenu:

0013 RAG 7-18-2012

Normal is a bit arbitrary.  With high resolution monitors, the programs can look a bit small. In most all the programs, there is an option to re-size each window to whatever size you want — just drag the edges.

  • Return to Menu – When the last Telios window closes, like a bird-dog, the Telios menu will always display. If you want the menu to display every time you close a Telios program, select this option.

0015 RAG 7-18-2012

  • Help Topics– This opens a CHM help file describing about the same stuff as this article.
  • Email – This will open a window listing every user that has an email address in the user file:

0016 RAG 7-18-2012

If you check names and ENTER, the program will open your default email editor and list all the names in the “To” address.

  • About – version information.


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