List Window

List Display

The main section of the List window is the display. As an example, here is the Purchase Order main list:

07 RAG 7-20-2012

There are over 25,000 Purchase Orders in this file. To load them all in the list would take quite a bit of time! Initially, Telios loads just enough records to populate the list – in this case 17 records.

As you scroll up the list, the highlighted line will reach that 17th record and then automatically insert another 50-100 records. You can also press the HOME key to go to the first record currently in the list.

So, how do you know that the first record is the first record?

If there are more records above the first displayed record, the highlighted record at the top of the list is light blue:

09 RAG 7-20-2012

This is Purchase Order #123115. Press the UP arrow and more records are added:

10 RAG 7-20-2012

The highlight is now on Purchase Order #123114 – one less than #123115. The total number of records in the list is now 67.

When you get to the very  first record in the index, the highlight will be solid blue:

13 RAG 7-20-2012

Scrolling up from the end to the beginning, thee are now 26,342 records in the list. ( I cheated by holding down the PAGE-UP key until it got to the beginning).

You can always hit the HOME key twice to get to the very first record, or the END key twice to get to the very last record. These actions are instantaneous.


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