List Window

Mouse Actions

  • left-click – highlight a row
  • left-click (hold down) and drag –  to center. (The cursor will change to an open/closed hand).
  • right-click – to open the context menu (commands)
  • double left-click – to edit the highlighted row

You can also use the mouse to click on a column header to sort the rows by the column.

Note: Only the rows currently in the display will be sorted using this method. If you need more records, PAGE-UP or PAGE-DOWN to increase the number of records in the current display. Then click on the column header to sort.

Keyboard Actions

  • HOME – Highlights the first record in the current display.
  • END – Highlights the last record in the current display.
  • PAGEUP – Move highlight up one page of rows.
  • PAGE-DOWN – Move highlight down one page of rows.
  • UP arrow – Move highlight up one row.
  • DOWN arrow – Move highlight down one row.
  • LEFT arrow or ESC – Move focus to Start Prompt.
  • SPACE or ENTER – Edit highlighted record.

Standard one-character Actions

  • A – Add new record.
  • B – Balance (on some lists).
  • C – Center display around highlighted record. (This action reloads the list).
  • D – Delete record.
  • E – Edit record.
  • J – Jump to another program (menu).
  • M – Open the context menu.
  • T – Tag record.
  • Q – Quit program (or return to main list).
  • Z – Zoom.


  • CTRL-F – Find
  • CTRL-G – Find Next
  • CTRL-S – Select


  • F11 – Bookmark
  • F12 – Help

The context menu will list all the one character actions that are available for the current program. Press M or right-click to display the context menu:

14 RAG 7-20-2012

The Tag section lists all of the TAG actions. See the article on the Tag Feature.

15 RAG 7-20-2012

The *(Other)* section contains (mostly) the CTRL+ actions:

16 RAG 7-20-2012

  • Find and Find Next – See the article on Finding Stuff – Find
  • Export Excel – If Excel© is installed on the PC, the current list of records will export to a live instance of the spreadsheet.20 RAG 7-20-2012
  • Next / Previous – the List window keeps a running history of records edited. Use CTRL-N and CTRL-P to trace back and forth between recently edited records.
  • List Print – prints a list of the records currently in the display index. That is the number in the upper right hand corner of the window. The program will open the Page Setup and Print dialogs:

18 RAG 7-20-2012

19 RAG 7-20-2012

And then the report:

17 RAG 7-20-2012

The context menu will also contain actions that are custom to the program.


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