To Add, Edit, or Delete a printer, click on the V button or press CTRL-W or right-click:

15 RAG 7-19-2012

The list will contain all the printer configurations that you have added.

The buttons at the bottom of the popup are:

  • Add (+)
  • Edit (>)
  • Delete ()
  • Cancel (X) and
  • Exit

Press A or the + button to add a new logical printer. The Page Setup dialog will display:

02 RAG 7-19-2012

Then press the OK button. The printer selection dialog will display:

21 RAG 7-19-2012

There are more options with the Properties button:

18 RAG 7-19-2012

and the Advanced button.

19 RAG 7-19-2012

When all the options are set, click OK on each of the windows and the printer will appear on your custom printer list:

22 RAG 7-19-2012

At this point, you can change the name of the configuration, maybe “BIG – Tray 2”. Then press ENTER to select your new printer:

23 RAG 7-19-2012

Now, the printer named “Big – Tray 2” will be available for any report printed from your computer, and the next time you print the A/P Aging Report, the program will remember that you used this printer.


   Page 1 — printer selection
   Page 2 — the local printers
   Page 3 — tool bar options
   Page 4 — select
   Page 5 — preview window

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