13 RAG 7-19-2012

Select allows you to add a filter to the data on the report. Many reports allow you to filter records to print a sub-set from the normal report. If Select is active, the select options will display on the report toolbar.

The Criteria window will then popup:

24 RAG 7-19-2012

The select criteria supports multiple conditions. Add each condition using the buttons or press A on the list box. The Field column has a pop-up window of the available variables for this report:

25 RAG 7-19-2012

The Operator column lists the available selection options:

26 RAG 7-19-2012

If there are more conditions, enter And / Or at the end of the line and add the next condition.

For a simple example, venno is the Vendor Number and the condition is:

27 RAG 7-19-2012

Push the OK button and preview the result:

29 RAG 7-19-2012

The Select Criteria items are listed at the end of the report.


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   Page 4 — select
   Page 5 — preview window

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