Additional Customers & Vendor Lookup Methods

Archive Access

The whole point of archiving a Customer or Vendor is to retain the history — but to not be tripping over the record in current transactions. If you enter a name, you don’t want the dead records to show up.

Except, there are times when you really want to see those historic records.

The solution is to allow the Customer or Vendor lookup by number. When you enter a Customer or Vendor number, the archived records are not skipped.

For example, Customer 263 is archived. If you open the popup window (CTRL-W or right-click or click on the arrow), the Customers will display in numerical order. The archived Customers will display in red.


You can see that Customer 258 and 259 are also archived.

Archived records are never listed when you enter by name or by search.

And, you still cannot add a new transaction for an archived Customer or Vendor.

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