Additional Customers & Vendor Lookup Methods

Phone Access

We got a request to be able to lookup the Customer or Vendor by the primary phone number.

Since we are already using the lookup by number, the new lookup by phone number uses a ‘#” (pound sign) as a prefix to indicate a phone number.

The entry can be any part of the phone number

  • #5037602167
  • #(503) 760-2167
  • #503 760-6697
  • #6697

The popup will display all the customers or vendors with a matching phone number.

So, if we enter #6697, the popup will display all customers with ‘6697’ in the primary phone number:


The entry field will replace the #6697 with the first match:


Archive records are skipped with this option.

   Page 1 — customer / vendor lookup
   Page 2 — archive access
   Page 3 — phone access