Finding Stuff — Find

This series on finding stuff has wildcard, zoom, find, select and Quiz select.

So what’s more basic that Find itself?

This function is standard on virtually every Telios list. Okay, probably not on all the popups, but just about everywhere else.

So, how does it work? We look at the main Sales Order list for an example:

0009 RAG 7-17-2012

For the sake of documentation, the Find options are located on the context menu (right-click or press M, or CTRL + SHIFT + F10). On most of these menus they are buried in the “Other” category – primarily because CTRL-F and CTRL-G are pretty much the standard for the find and find next functions.


Field Search — popup window

When using the search option (adding a ? (question mark) to the text of a field), the behavior was to display the resulting first closest match in the field. You could then use the Page Up and Page Down keys to cycle through the records that matched.

We have changed that to automatically open the popup window displaying all the matching records in the list. An example is the main A/R Transaction list window:


Entering House? and pressing the Enter key will open the popup list with all the Customers containing House in the name.