Quiz — Reserved words

chart section reserved words

The following Quiz reserved words are used in the chart section of the Quiz pad.

See: Quiz — Chart  for details on the chart syntax.



Reserved word Description
bar    group date1 bar
bar chart. Bar is the default chart type
chart The primary word that begins a chart section. There is no limit to the number of charts on a single Quiz report. Each chart begins with chart.
   detail amt1 label “Sales”
detail is used in place of chart where you want a sub-report which is basically the legend without the chart. You can also use nochart to do this.
distinct    chart amt1 “Sales” summarize on distinct trxno1 
since the chart does not depend on the report order, the accumulation set in the group section may not be in any order. The distinct word specifies that amt1 will be counted only once for each trxno1.
group    group date1 month year bar
defines the “X” axis on a chart or the detail amount for a sub-report.
high    group code1 limit “10” high
the highest “10” values.
legend    group date1 bar legend
if legend then a sub-report of the chart or detail values will print.
limit    group date1 bar limit “15”
maximum number of values to show on the chart (bars, pie segments.
line    group date1 line
line chart.
low    group code1 limit “10” low
the lowest “10” values.
nochart    group date1 legend nochart
prints legend without chart
pie    group date1 pie
pie chart.
quarter    group date1 quarter
accumulates chart values by date quarter (Jan-Mar; Apr-Jun; Jul-Sep; Oct-Dec).
week    group date1 week
accumulates chart values by date week (Sunday to Saturday)


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