Quiz — Reserved words

Global reserved words

The final category is for the words that don’t fit anywhere else. Most of these affect the format or output of the Quiz report.



Reserved word Description
   ! where field1>= “150.00”
   ! print field1 summarize on field2 mask “##,###.##”
   print field1 ! this is a comment about this line
everything that occurs after the exclamation point up to the next line return is nullified. As far as Quiz is concerned, it doesn’t exist. The words after the ! will be displayed as brown on the Quiz pad.
comma    form comma
output form: comma delimited, one row / record. if filename is blank, then prompt for file name.
excel    form excel
output to live spreadsheet.
excelfile    form excelfile
output to xml spreadsheet file. if filename is blank, then prompt for file name.
excelrow    form excelrow
output to live spreadsheet, one row / record (all columns are repeated on every row).
excelrowfile    form excelrowfile
output to xml spreadsheet file, one row per record (all columns repeated on every row). if filename is blank, then prompt for file name.

   filename  “C:\temp\rptname.pdf”  (explicit name and location)
   filename “rptname.xls”  (default user location)
the output file name. Used with form ( excelfile, excelrowfile, PDF, tab and comma ).

Embedded Date:

Within the file name, use the left and right angle brackets < and > to enclose the date format. (where mm= month; dd= day; yy or yyyy= year)
   filename “c:\temp\<yyyy-mm> rptname.pdf”
   filename “rptname <mm-dd-yy>.pdf”
The fill date is  the print date.

Embedded Number:
Within the angle brackets, you can also assign a sequential number by using the # (pound) sign. At print time, the pound sign characters will be replaced with the next available number.
filename “c:\temp\<yyyy-mm — ###> rptname.pdf”
filename “rptname <####>.pdf”
The number of pound signs sets the maximum number that can be assigned (# = 0-9;  ## =  00-99; ### =  000-999; etc.).

find    find table1
sets the target database table to start from.
form    form PDF  (PDF output file)
   form excel  (if excel installed, live report in report format)
   form excelrow  (if excel installed, live report in one row / record)
   form excelfile  (spreadsheet in file output)
   form excelrowfile  (spreadsheet in one row / record output)
   form tab  (tab delimited output)
   form comma  (comma delimited output)
argument sets the output form
null used in Quiz links as a placeholder for one-to-many type links.
qbug used to display the primary SQL query statement. Set under the Help menu at Quiz run time:
qnotes    qnotes
prints the notes field on Quiz pad at the end of the report.
qpad    qpad
prints Quiz pad text at the end of the report (on a separate page)
tab    form tab
tab delimited output, one row per record.
title    title “Many Things to Print”
   title “from date: @@2 to date: @@3″
   title “from @@#5 to @@#1”
the main title is the Quiz pad title. Up to four additional sub-titles can be added using the title word for each one.
The syntax “@@2” and “@@3” means to replace the “@@2” with the value of the second prompted field and replace the “@@3” with the value of the third prompted field in the where clause.
The syntax “@@#5” and “@@#1” means to replace the “@@#5” with the value of the fifth condition and to replace the “@@#1” with the value of the first condition in the where clause.
Both of these notations allow you populate the title with variable data.


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